Group 33

Diversity in Design Placement Program

Building an inclusive workplace is a major facet of the modern workforce. We connect our D.I.D students through an online forum with direct connections to our corporate partners. By participating in these valuable placement learning opportunities, D.I.D interns hone important work skills learned through their design boot camp and mentorship programs. They develop their career goals, and establish connections that may prove useful throughout the span of their careers. In turn, these placements give employers access to a pool of motivated minority individuals, who bring fresh thinking, creativity and innovation to their workplaces. There are many business advantages to hosting D.I.D. placement programs. For instance, our group of young adult students are often extremely motivated individuals, both eager to learn and influence. They can even bring to the table perspectives that the business may be lacking. As strategies like social media become more and more essential to operations and outreach, our D.I.D interns can bring the knowledge and skills necessary to help employers in navigating these online environments. Young adults see placement programs as rewarding learning experiences that help guide future decisions and professional growth. It also provides opportunities for students to apply what they have learned in our program to the work setting and vice versa. Diversity and inclusivity are not just buzzwords with potential, they have the power to move our society towards something better. We need to consider all spectrums of diversity and inclusion: visible differences (genders, race, language), non-visible differences (LGBTQ) and diversity of mindset (different thoughts, perspectives, experiences, and religion)


  • Help students evaluate potential career fields
  • Assist with building a professional network
  • Provide a real-life context for issues they are studying about in school
  • Aids in developing specific skills like resume building, work readiness skills, and soft skills
  • Many interns, depending on maturity and experience, also learn the importance of being on time, meeting deadlines, paying attention to details, and having appropriate supervisor interactions, all of which are valuable skills for obtaining a position and for position advancement.