Group 33

Diversity in Design Mentorship Program

Diversity in Design is a non-profit organization that allows minorities to learn, mentor and experience the world of design. With the world undergoing its biggest transformation, it has become apparent that the need for acceptance and equality is paramount. In contrast, we are also living in a world where there has been resistance to inclusion and the unequal treatment of human beings dependent on their race, status and beliefs. We have a moral responsibility to embrace diversity in all that we do and it is essential
to the success of our mentoring teams.

As design practitioners, we must pursue a diverse approach in all that we do: from how we make things, to who we make them with, to who we make them for. We do more than just decorate, we create experiences and environments that directly impact the lives of others. Armed with this knowledge, our mission is to give minorities the tools to break out of the stereo typical notions that impact the interiors of our communities today.

D.I.D recruit’s volunteers to mentor, educate and empower minorities who are interested in the design culture. As designers who give back, we don’t miss any opportunity to use our super powers of: empathy, inclusivity and responsibility to make a difference. When building our mentorship team’s, we’ve realized that, we aren’t just teaching classes — we are framing an approach to the problem our communities are facing. Each team member brings their unique designer point of view and expertise to the team, widening the range of possibilities for the diversity in design students. While it takes effort to align different perspectives, it’s at the cross section of our differences that makes our programs more meaningful.

Every quarter Diversity in Design hosts a Design Boot-Camp for minorities, where we give educational tools to our students to help them find their passion and turn it into their purpose. With a step by step program on design basics, how to be your best professional self, marketing and branding, and most importantly the business and entrepreneurial skill sets they would need to start their own businesses. We want to ignite change and provide a set of guiding principals that will teach and support D.I.D students through the rest of their lives. And open the way to greater self-awareness, self-love and community restoration. These restorative principles and practices help minorities create and redefine their life purpose through creativity.