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After School Art

After School ART Program

The after school ART program is a valuable learning opportunity for children who have working parents. Art is fun and the classes are designed to introduce students to color and tactile creativity. We encourage them to experiment and inspire them to develop their curiosity. Our after-school grant allows the students to be fed a snack and dinner while learning and expanding their creative minds.

Children and young adults are often eager to learn and we encourage fresh thinking, creativity, and innovation in our programs. This curriculum-based program is held at local, private, charter schools and community centers, providing art instruction and hands-on art experience. Classes are taught by trained art instructors and teachers who use specially developed lessons for children. Each year a new curriculum highlights the work of a particular artist or period of art, which guides our course to implement important art skills.

ART after-school programs can be a rewarding learning experience that helps guide future decision makers to gain personal and future professional growth. These are the influencers who have the power to move our society towards something better.
Students who participate in these programs once they reach adulthood often become extremely motivated individuals and can bring the knowledge and skills necessary to live a successful life.