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Diversity Programs

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After School Art

After School Art Program

The after school ART program is a valuable learning opportunity for children who have working parents. Art is fun and the classes are designed to introduce students to color and tactile creativity. We encourage them to experiment and inspire them to develop their curiosity. Our after-school grant allows the students to be fed a snack and dinner while learning and expanding their creative minds.


Mentorship Program

This program is dedicated to support 100 high achieving students in low income areas, providing them with “real world” education. They will receive a full scholarship to Design Mecca EDU and explore museums, furniture textiles showrooms, and meet top design professionals.


Scholarship Program

D.I.D recruit’s volunteers to mentor, educate and empower minorities who are interested in the design culture. As designers who give back, we don’t miss any opportunity to use our super powers of: empathy, inclusivity and responsibility to make a difference. When building our mentorship team’s, we’ve realized that, we aren’t just teaching classes — we are framing an approach to the problem our communities are facing.


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