Wallpaper can change Everything!

Posted on Jan 31, 2019

Need to freshen up a room but paint just won’t cut it? There are some awesome wallpaper patterns that will infinitely open up your decorating options! Whether you’re doing one wall, all four walls, or just a ceiling, there are so many interesting and colorful patterns to choose from. Here are some of our favorites, from simple geometric patterns to some that are, well… a little out there!

It’s well-known that wallpaper can spice up a room with pattern, but it also has a few other tricks up its sleeve. Depending on the design or even materials that go into making it, wallpaper can alter how we perceive spaciousness, light levels and movement and can create a sense of cohesiveness — or isolation — in a room.

Wallpaper can also alter a sense of spaciousness.

Unlike a flat, painted surface, many wallpaper patterns have a spatial component that makes a room appear larger or smaller in size, if even a room at all.

Many scenic wallpapers lean on the use of artistic perspective. Objects closest are larger in size and darker in value. Receding away, the imagery diminishes in size and value, or becomes lighter. The wooded-landscape pattern of the wallpaper shown here brings a feeling of spaciousness far beyond the limitations of the wall.

Not all wallpaper will make a room look bigger. If the imagery lacks a background or negative space around it, the room will feel closed in an instant, especially if the pattern is large.

In the right room, this can be a good thing if you’re aiming for coziness or a bold statement. If not, the imbalance between positive and negative space can create a feeling of confinement for some people.

Create the impression of movement.

There are countless wallpaper patterns out there, but the more dynamic options create a sense of movement.

Random wallpaper designs also have a sense of energy about them that isn’t found in designs with an obvious, repetitious pattern.

Downplay or highlight architectural components.

Curvilinear forms, such as those in floral patterns, exude a sense of softness that can tone down harsh lines or create a more relaxing atmosphere.

Alter the level of illumination.

It’s likely that there’s a room in your house that isn’t perfectly lit. Some spaces lack windows and power sources for light fixtures. One venerable decorating trick for underlit rooms is to use a mirror to bounce light around.

Wallpaper with a metallic sheen can offer similar illuminating benefits while also adding eye-catching pattern.

Unify or isolate a space.

Wallpaper patterns move one’s eye throughout a space, bouncing from one design to another. When installed on all four walls, the experience is continuous, making the entire room visually engaging and cohesive. Don’t be afraid of using wallpaper. This is not your grandmothers’ wallpaper!