Can I Afford to Hire an Interior designer?

Posted on Jan 31, 2019

If I had a dollar for every time I have heard this question, let me tell you – I wouldn’t even care what the word “affordable” means.

I could buy my own country, beach-front real estate on the West Coast, and every handbag I have ever wanted. (OK, maybe not that much money – but it would be a lot.) You get the idea: this is a question I hear a lot. Many designers put off the vibe that great design is a luxury only afforded by the rich. As my clients have found time and time again, that’s just simply not true. Good design is for every budget.

And here’s something that might blow your mind: Working with an interior designer can actually save you money. (Yes – you read that right.) Let me say it again: It can save you money. How so? I can tell you story after story of people I know who have “DIY’d” themselves into a mess. They have purchased the wrong things and they can’t take them back. They have hired a painter to paint a color that turned out all wrong. They have fought with their spouse and are in expensive therapy sessions. This does not work! Like many important things in your life, turning to a professional can be one of the best decisions you can make.

Now sit right down here with me on this fabulous settee and hear me out: These are seven reasons why should consider hiring an interior designer:

It saves you time, and time is money. All that time you spent looking all over town for something? Look no more. We got this.

We have access to more products, services and other resources than you do. From craftsmen to textiles, and everything in-between, we have things you can’t find at your local retail store.

Together, we can define your style. People have lots of ideas about what they like, but it takes a designer to define the vision and bring it all together. A good designer can “see” the space in their mind’s eye before purchases are made, saving you time and money.

We offer design therapy. Couples come to me and it’s like, “Paging Dr. Wilcox, design emergency — STAT!” An interior designer can help you navigate and figure out your design style together. Before therapy.

We are visual people. Many people know vision when they see it, but don’t have the skills to create it themselves. That’s OK, because we do.

Bringing value to the project is important to designers like me. My clients often tell me that they get so much more than interior design when they work with me. The simple truth is that if you and your designer don’t feed off each other’s energy, and inspire each other, then you need to find a different designer. I am always looking for ways to wow my clients.

To get it done, you need to hire an expert. Having a fantastic space around you should not just be on your list of “someday” items. It should be today. Your designer should make you a priority and set an attainable timeline for finishing your project. The only thing better than starting a project is finishing it and enjoying your space. Get that to-do off your list and into your life.

Spending a little to hire an interior designer is investing in your space and your life in a way that is cost-effective and valuable.

My expectations are high whenever I hire a professional to do anything for me, and they should be for you, too! It’s because that’s how I approach my clients. You should always expect the same. Whatever your budget’s size, you should be treated with respect and given great service.

Have questions about your space? Want to know more about my flat rate based on your square footage? Hit me up!